"One of Maureen’s greatest gifts is her ability to educate and inspire audiences."


Some of her recent events include:

  • World Happiness Summit (Miami, FL)
  • US Air Force Psychiatric Department (Minot, ND)
  • Girls Inc (Goleta, CA)
  • C.A.L.M (Santa Barbara, CA)
  • Parenting Gifted Children (Newport Beach, CA)
  • Crayola LLC (Easton, PA; and NYC)
  • Nat’l Assoc. of Education of Young Children – NAEYC (VA, NJ, AL, NY)
  • Healthy Start (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Tibet House (NYC)
  • Woodward Academy (Atlanta, GA)
  • Mind Body Spirit Festival (London, UK)
  • Spirit One Seminars (Dublin, IR)


POPULAR PROGRAMS (not limited to these):

Children's Happiness

Raising Self-Reliant, Successful and Resilient Children

The 5 Building Blocks of Confidence (from award-winning book)

Social and Emotional Learning

Teacher Training for EQ in the classroom


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