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Success with Sensitive Kids ($125) is a 5-part video series, which helps you learn how to help our most intense, emotionally sensitive and oftentimes strong-willed children thrive.  Click to learn more.

While I was watching the online class, I felt like I was gaining a new understanding of my son. - Lisa

These videos are absolutely wonderful. Packed full of useful information, strategies, ideas and tips! You covered so much in a clear, easy to understand format. 
- Leeanne

Thanks for breaking down these complex topics! I really got alot out of the class, especially the sensory information- Trish 

This was really helpful to do the online class first, and then begin your mentoring program. I'm already seeing progress! - Tommy

Helping Your Child with Anger ($125) is a four-part video series, which gives you the ideas and tools to help your child constructively express his or her anger. Click here to learn more

Thank you for creating this class! I love my daughter but she has an angry streak I needed help with. - Linda Mulligan

Your strategies are helping my son. I'm so grateful. - Dr. Joseph Marcus

Thank you for this class. I'm using these tools in my classroom, and it's made a huge difference. - Lauren, 5th grade teacher

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